Name Email Contact No Alt. Contact No About Yourself Category
Henre Lategan henre.lategan@joshgen.org.za 0718695779 23 year old, intermediate fitness level looking for a partner to just enjoy and complete the race. Open Men
Jean Naude' jnaude.naude1@gmail.com 0848158128 I am a 23-year old male with intermediate fitness Open Men
Jose Maeiro Jr.maeiro@gmail.com +258843830262 I’m 26 years old with an average fitness level. Living at the moment in Maputo (non SA citizen). Check my data and weekly results on STRAVA in case you are interested about my cycling skills. Thanks Open Men
Gavin Maile maile@iafrica.com 0832537165 61 year old, current good fitness level but going away for three weeks in May where I will only be able to run. Looking for a partner with seeding index around 20 to challenge ourselves and have fun!!! Grand Master 60+
Morne van Bosch 24671886@nwu.ac.za 0829073888 0182852707 Im a vet competitive cyclist for 25 years now,i have started as a junior and did all the catogories of CSA registered riders,i am a pilot for a tandem as well mixed or men teams. Mixed,Veterans,Open Tandem