Stage 1 Quick Releases

Tour Route
Sabie – Town Loop – White River

Start Time

Start and Finish
Casterbridge, White River

15:00 (8 Hours)

100km (GPS)

Total Ascent

USN Waterpoints
3 (approx 36km/64km/85km) and at the finish

Spitskop 33km

Projected Winning Time





2018 Stage One

Route Profile



Route Description

Stage One kicks off with a long rolling drag towards the iconic Spitskop. The first test of the legs (excluding the bump at Palm Motors) is Jacaranda Hill at about 10km. Riders head through White River onto the R537 towards Sabie which culminates in the 5km pass to the top of Spitskop which is a Hotspot (33km) for the first Sub Vet, Vet, Masters and Tandem categories across the line. So don't let your partner drop you. The Water Point has moved about 2km further on at the Hendriksdal intersection. This will be the hosted by PPS (36km).

Then it is a 15km big ring ride down to Sabie. Instead of turning left you'll go straight into the town of Sabie and turn left at Jock Sabie Lodge (Glynn Rd). The narrow road has a few humps on it so pay attention. You come out on the Old Lydenburg Rd at the testing Station and turn right. Cross over the Main Rd (R532) and turn right into Ford St. This is a bit of climb to get back to where you entered the town at the Woodsman. 

Turn left and then right on the R537. It's a tough haul out of Harmony Hill and back the way you came. The second waterpoint is at Hendriksdal intersection (64km) then you have a wicked descent of Spitskop and rolling hills all the way back to White River.

There is one more water point hosted by IWC at 85km which will give you enough energy for the final push for home.

Help yourselves to fresh chelsea buns from Aida and wash it down with USN recovery drinks. Get your massage and prepare for Stage Two - the Queen Stage.