Stage Three Quick Releases


White River - Brondal - Sudwala Caves - White River

Start Time


Start and Finish

Casterbridge Centre White River


15:00 (8 Hours) from start time


107 km (per GPS)

Total Ascent


USN Waterpoints

3 (approx 20km/53km/90km) and at the finish

2017 Winning Time




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2018 Stage Three

Route Profile 

Route Description

You leave the Start and turn left towards White River. At 1km you turn right into the suburbs (a short stiff hill) and wind your way along Impala St to the Sabie/White River road. This is about 5km and is a neutral zone.

The racing begins in earnest once on the Sabie Road but be on the lookout for potholes in the next two kilometers. At 7km you turn left onto the Brondal road and begin with a fast descent down the notorious Heidel Eggs climb. At about 16km into the race, is the first water point staffed by The Bicycle Company. Make sure you have enough fluids as it is about 35km to the next water point with a lot of climbing inbetween.

At the end of the Brondal section, you turn left towards Lydenburg and have a steady climb of about 5km (maximum 4% gradient) before it levels off and drops down to the Rosehaugh turnoff. Turn on the climbing legs for the next 2.3km to the Hot Spot (Men/Women/Mixed). You'll have a 6km recovery before tackling the next bump of 2km and then it's a wicked descent down the pass to the Sudwala Caves road. Turn left towards Mankele and after 1km turn around and head towards the Sudawala Caves. At the entrance, you will see the PPS water point. Stock up here for the long haul back up the pass.

The pass reaches a maximum of 7% on the way back but once over the top, its possible to get good momentum to carry you back to the Lydenburg Road. Once you reach 72km, the next 14km are fast with a lot of downhill to recover the legs before the last haul back to Casterbridge. The Bicycle Company will be waiting for you at 90km to give you the last burst of energy you need to get through the valley, up Heidel Eggs and home to Casterbridge.

Rest those legs for the last effort of the time trial and we'll see you at prize giving, race briefing and the rider dinner.

Entries close on 9th March 2018