Highlights (lots) and lowlights (a few)

Well, the 2009 MTN Panorama Tour is over and what a tour it was. Four years ago, it started out as a small event for the everyday rider to experience a stage race and now, we have the full spectrum of riders pitching up to race or to finish or to have fun.

Our highlights were:

  • The Bradley/Jay Peleton - seeing that big bunch of riders come in experiencing first hand the effectiveness of proper peleton and the smiles on their faces for hours afterwards
  • The time trial sealing the race - the master tactics by Andrew and Bruce to snatch the win on the time trial
  • The water points - especially the peanut and honey energy balls at the Africa Joy water point
  • Marshals - the dude with the whistle on Stage Two blowing frenetically to warn riders of the sharp turn
  • Doggedness - the three teams bring up the rear every day with a smile on their faces and their huge sense of achievement followed by the Bells Cycling van as escort
  • The leading bunch on day three waiting for the yellow jerseys when they punctured
  • The "can do" attitude of most of the teams
  • The MTN Pro riders mixing with all the riders and dishing out advice
  • The families and friends cheering from the side lines
  • The friendliness of the riders to staff and crew
  • The sponsors going the extra mile for the riders

The lowlights:

  • The tossers who rode away from their partners to prove they were strong. Its a team event. You get respect by helping your team mate.
  • The cheats who used cars, other riders, supporters to contravene the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Next year is the 5th anniversay and there is a group of riders who will be riding their 5th event with us. We know who you are and we will be waiting for you with something special when you complete the event!

Have a safe riding year and don't forget to rate us on the Bicycling Mag's Rate Your Race.

From all of us to all of you - thanks for supporting us at the MTN Panorama Tour.