Late entries and other news

Entries officially closed on Friday and we're so looking forward to welcoming you all in White River. We will take late entries for a few more days so if you're still sitting on the fence...

Great to see so many old friends returning - Wineos, Lion Sands, Retros, Dream Team, Right Said Fred and Complete Cyclist amongst others.  We've also been quite entertained by some of the innovative team names. Try this for size : a REDBULL ate a DARK DOG the crapped out a MONSTER which turned into a ROCKSTAR. We pity Paul Valstar when he has to mention that team. Too many Redbulls, we think. Then there are the 18 teams from Best Med - wow! That's a huge representation.

We're also excited to welcome three teams from Belgium - Fix Foxes, Belgium and FAB-AL. Great to have you out here despite the challenging training circumstances.

Check out the updated nutrition advice from USN. You can't go wrong if you follow their hints for multi day riding.

The training camp was cancelled as there was not sufficient interest but if you're in the area, the mountains are still there!

In the meantime, stay safe on your bikes and we'll see you next month.