2012 is over already

In just a few short days, the MTN Panorama Tour came and went.  We hope you're all safely back home and reliving the memories.

Congratulations to everyone who attempted and finished the Tour and the Lite. The riding in the Lowveld is seriously tough and just to complete the event is a huge achievement. We appreciate the spirit in which everyone rode the event. As our Commissaire said: "It's all about having fun."  We second that. But for many of you, the fun came after you survived a huge sufferfest. Whatever your fun meter said, consider yourselves heroes!

Your magnificent photos will be up this week on www.actionphoto.net. So make sure you get a souvenir.

The TV programme will premier on June 12 at 18:00 on SS6. Miss it.

To all of you, MTN and our other superb sponsors - thanks for making this a great event.

To the dedicated crew who work like demons to make it happen, you really are the A team.

And finally to all the suppport services to join us for four nervewracking days to keep the cyclists safe and healthy - we can't do it without you.

We hope to see you and more of your friends back in 2013.


AND just to show why we love what we do, read this from Team Snail.


I sit down to write this while my legs are still stiff, my chafing is still fresh and my memories are still clear.The idea for my husband, Neil, our partners and I , to do the Tour was hatched in June last year. I think that we were all drunk at the time! Time went by and training was planned and done by the time the tour rolled around.My partner Ron and I were so nervous about doing it as we knew we would probably be one of the weaker teams and we were correct. However, I feel that I just have to thank you all for one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had.

Firstly, the way everything is organised is superb. That serves to make people like Ron and I feel so much more secure on the road.

The hotel was outstanding- what a venue where we did not have to get into our car once on the weekend. The briefings and prizegivings were a treat and helped us relax about the next day’s route. The guys on the motor bikes checking on us back markers all the time. The roaming ambulance was fantastic as we didn’t have to worry about ourselves if we fell or something more serious. The start and finish team always encouraging us and making us feel like we won each stage. The water points were exceptional and a special thanks from me to all the kids who were out there being helpful and enthusiastic in the heat after many hours of work. The photographers were also a factor- going beyond the call of duty. The way the timing was done and up on the website so promptly.

I can go on and on but I think that I’ll be saying it all by saying that we are already planning to be back next year if all goes well.