Your last minute information

The 5th annual MTN Panorama Tour is a week away and we know you have been training hard for this magnificent event. Reaching 5 years is a milestone and we have many supporters and staff who have been with us since inception.  There is also a tenacious group of riders who are riding their 5th event - that's 5 tours in a row. We salute you.

Here is some of the most important information you will need to round off your preparations.

Welcome to:

USN, Jose Cuervo and Ride Magazine who join us this year as sponsors for the first time. We know they are going to enjoy it as much as you will enjoy their contribution. MTN, Casterbridge and Mpower FM are back again making this fine race possible.

Club Classique

This year we hope to honour these riders at the final prize giving: Adolph Krige, Alan Gissing, Berno Paul, Brand du Plessis, Brent Korner, Clive Stokoe, Graham Miller, Lance Cooper, Nick More, Stieler van Eeden and Troye Brady. You are all legends.


If you have a burning desire to move forward or backwards in your Day One start batch, please send a CV to the race office before close of business on Friday 16th April. We will post provisional batches at registration and well motivated changes can be made. But note that it is a mass start and only the very competitive should be requesting A batch status. After Day One, your batches are determined by your cumulative time. Remember, the time trial is in reverse order with the slower riders first. No timing chips are necessary.


There are still bookings available for massage. Contact Brigitte on 071 326 8771. The cost is R150 per 30' or R400 for three days. These are experienced sports massage therapists and we can guarantee you will want their services. They will be located above the Barnyard Theatre via the outside staircase.


Registration takes place from 11:00 until 18:15 at the Barnyard Theatre. Race briefing is at 18:30 on this day only. Thereafter at 17:00. Final prize giving is preliminarily scheduled for 12:00 on Tuesday 27th April.

MTN Chill Zone

The Barnyard Theatre is the official home for the riders and light meals and drinks will be on sale. This is also the venue for the Rider Dinner which will be given a huge rev by Jose Cuervo. We somehow think you shouldn't miss this...after all, its only 24km the next day! Extra tickets can be bought for family members at Registration.


You can follow the race progress on Twitter. Search for @panoramatour and get all the breaking news

Very Important

You must familiarise yourself with the rules of the race which are unique to this event. Last year, several teams and individuals ran afoul of the most basic tenets. Don't get a penalty or worse, get disqualified because you are ignorant. Please remember, this is a self supported race. You may not receive help from outside of the race, you may not use other riders/vehicles to tow you - only your team mate and please ensure your supporters stay well away from the bunches.


White River has had significant amounts of rain this month and as fast as the roads get repaired, potholes reappear. We will brief you on the worst sections so please make sure you know what to expect so you remain safe on your bike.

Hans van der Merwe & sons will once again donate one of their magnificent hand made bedsteads for a lucky draw at the final prize giving valued at around R12000. One of our regular supporters of the race - Susan Lourens Eyecare Boutique - will have a special on Oakley glasses. 40% off while stocks last! Don't miss out on this and the other specials that the shops of Casterbridge and the sponsors will be laying on for you and your families.