84km done and dusted

Training Camp'Kay, so we had a good look at Stage Two. Roads are looking good here with the odd pothole but nothing major. Training Camp coming after Stage One in the race, we were reminded that the legs will take a little riding in as you climb from the start until the Brondal turnoff. That valley is still as beautiful as ever. Some undulating climbs before we turned for Nelspruit - what a rush!

Big Ring, high speeds all the way to town, duck through town and pick up the speed again until the turnoff to the airport. Uh-oh, that sudden steep climb is a shock to the system. The undulations on the back road will catch the unwary who have ridden too hard to that point. But even so, it is a beautiful ride.

2234 calories later was a long breakfast at The Courtyard Cafe in Casterbridge and now, it is relax mode preparing for tomorrow where we check out the potholes on the Kiepersol rd. 2200m of climbing in 117km - gotta be fun!