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The Panorama Tour - The Toughest Race On Tar

No Holding Back on Stage One of the PPS Panorama Tour 2019


Callum Ormiston & Asher Biggs (ProTouch) for the Elite event and Christiaan Janse van Rensburg & Theuns van der Bank (Hartlief Deli P/B Powerbar S) for the traditional event emerge victorious on Stage One of the PPS Panorama Tour in White River, Mpumalanga.

South Africa's "Toughest Race on Tar" is back, the annual PPS Panorama Tour for cyclists in teams of two takes place in Mpumalanga from 15 to 18 June 2019. This four-day favourite cycle race covers a total of 320km of tough terrain which includes 6400m of ascent via the legendary mountains of Mpumalanga including Kaapmuiden and Spitzkop and parts of the Long Tom Pass.

In 2019, race organisers introduced the Elite / Professional Category. The Elite/Pro category is a "race within a race" at the PPS Panorama Tour. It is the same route; the same PPS Panorama rules apply with a separate start time.

In the Elite / Pro race we saw ProTouch duo Callum Ormiston & Asher Biggs cross the finish line of the 111.5km Stage One in 3:10:58. Beating ACDC Luso's Caspur Kruger and Andries Nigrini (3:10:58) by milliseconds. Third were ProTouch Guru PPS' Calvin Beneke and Andrew Edwards (3:11:28). 

Orminston and Biggs comment on their race strategy today, "We saved as much energy as we could for one final attack on Brondal Road. This split up the group, leaving us and Team ACDC in a sprint finish where we managed to take the win. Our plan for the rest of the Tour? Take it one day at a time." 

In the traditional PPS Panorama Tour event, Hartlief Deli P/B Powerbar's Christiaan Janse Van Rensburg & Theuns Van Der Bank broke away right as the neutral zone ended at 5km. They maintained their breakaway to the finish, ending off with an 8-minute gap and a final time of 03:09:13. 

Janse van Rensburg and van der Bank comment on the surprising breakaway, "We did not plan to breakaway on Sabie Road, and it seemed like a crazy idea, which it was, but luckily thanks to determination and teamwork it played out perfectly."

Demacon's Kim le Court and Carla Oberholzer claimed the victory in the Women's category finishing in a time of 3:09:13. Teammates of the Demacon pair, Suzan Cronje and Lynette Burger (3:51:26), came in second, followed by Token MT's Stacey Paul and Gillian Fourie (4:02:09).

In the Mixed event, we saw BSC-DDMedia's Grant Edmiston and Parys Edwards roll in first with a time of 3:19:48. Dormakaba's Matthew Stamatis and Samantha Sanders (3:22:26) finished second while Enervit's Lucy James and Gabriel van Deventer (3:22:33) took the final spot on the podium.

Stage One Results


  1. Wessel Redelinghuys & Graeme Cronje 03:36:53 (Cycle Nation)
  2. Carl Lotter & Meghan Brinkley 03:41:23 (Spanniebangnie)
  3. Chalita Johnson & Piet Laubscher 03:57:33 (Clover Milk & Honey)

Grand Masters

  1. Roderick Humphris & Graham Monteith 03:54:47 (Guppi&Birdi)
  2. Johnnie Koen & Pierre Van Hell 04:27:01 (Johnnie Koen Cycles 1)
  3. Nico Swanepoel & Walter Thornhill 04:41:07 (Ctm Hazeyview)


  1. Jose Antunes & Simon Cleminson 03:22:33 (Lion & Ant)
  2. Leon Olivier & Francois Kemp 03:26:30 (Bestmed Actop)
  3. Gary Beneke & Shane Brown 03:40:08 (Dimension Data Masters) 


  1. David Garrett & Ignus Oosthuizen 03:16:58 (Hartlief Deli Powerbar Vets)
  2. Johann Naude & David Labuschagne 03:16:59 (Bestmed TBC)
  3. Samuel De Swardt & Jaco Ferreira 03:24:12 (Inn8)

Sub Vet

  1. Christiaan Janse van Rensburg & Theuns van der Bank 03:09:13 (Hartlief Deli P/B Powerbar SV)
  2. Adolf Krige & Werner Roux 03:16:58 (Karan Beef Heneways One)
  3. Mike Hewan & Paul Dean Rorich 03:16:59 (Inspire Movement)


  1. Grant Edmiston & Parys Edwards 03:19:48 (BSC-DDMedia)
  2. Matthew Stamatis & Samantha Sanders 03:22:26 (Dormakaba)
  3. Lucy James & Gabriel van Deventer 03:22:33 (Team Enervit)

Open Women

  1. Kim le Court & Carla Oberholzer 03:34:03 (Demacon Maxwax Ladies 2)
  2. Suzan Cronje & Lynette Burger 03:51:26 Team (Demacon Max Wax Ladies 1)
  3. Stacey Paul & Gillian Fourie 04:02:09 (Team Token MT)

Pro/ Elite Men

  1. Callum Ormiston & Asher Biggs 3:10:58 (ProTouch)
  2. Casper Kruger & Andries Nigrini 03:10:58 (Luso ACDC)
  3. Calvin Beneke & Andrew Edwards 03:11:28 (Protouch Guru PPS)

Open Men

  1. Kegan Van Wyk & Jarod Havenga 03:22:26 (Office Guru)
  2. Kgotso Shoba & Thabang Mahlatsi 03:42:17 (Ekurhuleni 2)
  3. Rene Otto & Aex Otto 03:48:56 (Otto Brothers)

Next up Stage Two, where riders will head towards Hazyview. At 72km it’s shorter than Stage One the numerous sharp climbs and 1546m of ascent will test riders already fatigued legs.