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The Panorama Tour - The Toughest Race On Tar

Entries are Closed!

Entries for the PPS Panorama Tour are officially closed!  Late entries are available, but riders will not receive any race clothing. If you would like a late entry please contact Hendrik Wagner on 082 741 1514. 

VIP: Updated Routes & Stages

Due to the long weekend we've had to adjust the Stage order for the PPS Panorama Tour and we have added a brand new, but familiar, route for Stage Three. Please view the various stages here: Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3 & Time Trial

Complete Road Closures Added

The PPS Panorama is very grateful towards the Mpumalanga government. They made a decision last week that the PPS Panorama Tour will be classified as a medium risk tour. That means that for the first time ever some of the mountain passes will be closed for during the tour, making it so much safer for riders to pass. Now you can enjoy your favourite race with extra peace of mind! 

Prize Money for 2019

The prize money for 2019 is has been finalised! Overall Elite Men can look forward to an extra R40 000 and Overall Men & Overall Women winners of Tour (Excl. Elite Men) are riding to win R30 000 - as a bonus prize from PPS for Professionals.  VIEW PRIZE MONEY