15 - 18 JUNE 2019

    R5 700 per Team of Two
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The Panorama Tour - The Toughest Race On Tar



The one-gear wonder team of Carl Lotter & Julius Cobbett (Two Guys One Gear) snatched three seconds from the tandem duo of Samuel de Swardt and Brandon Downes (Complete-T), to take the win on Stage One of The 11th Panorama Tour in a time of 2:05:02.

On their decision to go single speed, Cobbett said: “We love the single speed concept and wanted to be the first to do it at the race. To win was an added bonus.”

Twenty seconds later, 10-time finisher, Adolph Krige and five-time finisher, Barend Burger (Demacon), crossed the line to take third place. 

A clash with the Sasol Rally saw a switching of the Stage One and Stage Two routes. The four days of racing started with a high-speed, 80km loop which lulled the riders over the first 50km before hitting testing hills past the KMIA airport.

The women's team of Desray Sebregts and Annette Loubser (Deznet) put five minutes into their competitors with a credible 2:13:40.

Stefan Oberholzer and Carla Oberholzer won the Mixed category in 2:08:37 and finished an incredible 11th overall. 

The iconic Panorama Tour is a must ride and firm favourite among amateur racers. Fiona Coward, Event Founder and Organiser expands: “Eleven years down the road and there is still enthusiasm and passion among the participants. We’re always happy to see the same loyal faces and we have a number of riders finishing their 10th year and 5th year who will receive commemorative jerseys.” 

General Classification:

Riders were off early, returning in the heat of Saturday morning, with the following General Classification and Category results as follows:

  1. Carl Lotter & Julius Cobbett for Team Two Guys One Gear with a winning time was of 02:05:02
  2. Brandon Downes & Samuel de Swardt for Team Complete-T in 02:05:05
  3. Barend Burger & Adolph Krige for Team Demacon in 02:05:26


The Tandem game was strong today with the results as follows:

  1. Brandon Downes & Samuel de Swardt in 02:05:05
  2. Petri Strydom & Stephan Ryneke for Team Clover Double Trouble in 02:07:18 
  3. Werner Roux & Jay Spendly for Team Tandem Tuesday in 02:09:05 

Grand Masters

For the Grand Masters, our category winners for the day were:

  1. The sharp pair of Pierre van Hell & Johan Spies for Team Cyclo Maestro’s in 02:20:35
  2. The legendary Johnnie Koen & Greef Moolman for Team Johnnie Koen Cycles in 02:28:24 and
  3. Julius Ortner and Elizabeth Szabo for Team Huffin & Puffin 2 in 03:43:22


Coming in hot the Masters Category fell as follows:

  1. Jan Snoer & Richardo Peixoto for Team Duk Pelle in 02:13:16
  2. Jose Antunes & Rassie Smit for Team Lion & Ant in 02:13:47
  3. Theuns Davidtz & Albert Roux for Team #CarsMustFall in 02:18:28


The Vets were looking strong today with the following category placements:

  1. Steven Hayes & Luke Hardiman for Team SAFlyers coming in at a winning 02:07:37 
  2. Carel Bosman & Ben Melt Swanepoel for Team New Vets in 02:09:10
  3. Warren Foyn & Desmond Reilly for Team Token 3 in 02:10:56 

Sub Vet

The Sub Veteran category, featuring heavily in the General Classification as well fell as follows:

  1. Carl Lotter & Julius Cobbett for Team Two Guys One Gear with a winning time of  02:05:02 
  2. Mark Elliot & Matthys Koekemoer of Team Token 1 finished in a time of 02:05:40
  3. Egon Campbell & Johan Deysel for Team Token Manx Missiles in 02:05:43


Claiming the Mixed section:

  1. Stefan Oberholzer and Carla Oberholzer representing Team Clover Prestigio Mixed, clocked in a time of 2:08:38
  2. Igna de Villiers & Dalene van der Leek for Team Bells LGE Midas in 2:09:09  
  3. Steve Cooke & Nina Sender for Team Bestmed Mixed Racing in 2:09:28

Open Women’s

In the Open Women’s category of Stage One:

  1. Desray Sebregts and Annette Loubser for Team DESNET return to defend their Panorama Tour title in a time of 2:13:40.
  2. Followed by Yolandi du Toit & Elmari de Wet for Team Garmin/Clover) in 2:18:56
  3. Ronet Human & Meghan Brinkley for Team Clover Ladies Duet in 2:24:26

Open Men’s

In the Open Men’s category we saw:

  1. Barend Burger & Adolph Krige for Team Demacon in 02:05:26 take home the win
  2. Juan-Pierre Jung & Declan Sidey for Team Bells Cycling Midas/LGE in 02:06:18
  3. Barry Crouch & Jaco Ross for Team Student Racers in 02:08:05

Next up the 107km-long Stage Two on Sunday 24th April 2016. Stage Two will see the riders head off to Sudwala for the start of the mountain stages. 

Riding a single speed in White River Mpumalanga means 100% commitment on the hills. Stay tuned to find out if, when the hills really hit, Julius and Carl can maintain their lead.