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The Panorama Tour - The Toughest Race On Tar

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The 12th PPS Panorama Tour, The Toughest Race on Tar, kicked off today with the 107km Stage One.

Open Mens Team, Barend Burger & Stephan Reyneke (Team Protouch-Demacon) played it cool, keeping their legs fresh by staying with the bunch until the final sprint.  They pipped Brandon Downes & Kai Pritzen (Team Karan Beef) over the line to win in 03:04:51. 

Multiple PPS Panorama Tour winner and race veteran, Barend Burger comments on their strategy today: “We didn’t have any specific plan going into todays race beyond conserving energy. Even when the bunch disintegrated on the climb, we kept good pace and decided to make our move on Brondal. I made the break with Stephan taking the win in a sprint to the finish. It was close but we’re happy overall with our legs and race today.”

The riders set off in a mass start from Casterbridge, White River into cool, overcast conditions. The lead bunch rode without any major attacks on outward leg to the Sudwala Caves. On the return leg, the Sudwala Pass separated the boys from the men. Three teams pulled ahead as the bunch broke up. On the final climb at Heidel Eggs, it was down to two teams, Barend Burger & Stephan Reyneke (Team Protouch-Demacon) and Brandon Downes & Kai Pritzen (Team Karan Beef). 

Burger & Pritzen hit the finish line first, leaving Reyneke and Downes in a neck and neck sprint to complete the team finish. All that separated first and second place was one second. Team Protouch-Demacon claimed the win in 03:04:51, Team Karan Beef was second in 03:04:52 with David Humphris & Warren McKay (Team Ninja Goats) third in 03:05:31. 

Last year's stage winners won Stage One on single speeds. Carl Lotter (Team Handsome & Clever) and Julius Cobbett took third in Sub-Vet despite a recent injury to Carl's wrist forcing him to participate on a mountain bike. 

Stage Two is a high-speed, 80km loop which lulls the riders over the first 50km before testing the mettle with a number of sharp climbs past the KMIA airport.


Stage 1 Results


  1. Douw & Gerrit du Preez (Team Downhill all the way) 03:22:47.
  2. Neil & Bronwyn Timm (Team Timm Tandem) 03:26:45
  3. Bruce & Keanu Sebregts  (Team SMAC Westpack) 03:49:05. 

Grand Masters

  1. Paul Furbank & Johan Spies (Team Too Knuts) 03:19:53
  2. Brett Sachs & Terry Rubenstein (Team Grumpy Old Men) 03:37:52
  3. Peter Gowans & Charles Morris (Team GoMor) 04:17:02.


  1. Jose Antunes & Simon Cleminson (Team Lion & Ant) 03:10:56
  2. Anthony Bennet & Gynn Pine (Team Bluff Meats) 03:20:48
  3. Colin Brain & Martijn Mellaart (Team Forever Young) 03:33:56 


  1. Hein Kruger & Miguel dos Santos (Team KZN Teng) 03:10:07
  2. Samuel de Swardt & Andrew Westaway (Team Deloitte) 03:10:09
  3. David Price & Fernando Silva (Team Mocha Boys) 03:28:42

Sub Vet

  1. Steve Cooke & Trevor Davies (Team Inspire) 03:10:40
  2. Heino van Zyl & Pieter Avenant (Team Shock & Plant) 03:10:40
  3. Carl Lotter & Julius Cobbett (Team Handsome & Clever) 03:10:42


  1. Susan and David Garrett (Team Giant) 03:10:58
  2. Kimberly le Court & Ian Pinaar (Team Demacon) 03:20:140
  3. Nadia & Rikus Visser (Team Western Racing) 03:21:26.

Open Women’s

  1. Vanessa Bell & Dalene van der Leek (Team Bells Cycling LGE Midas) 03:35:09
  2. Tracey Watcham & Monica Glover (Team 1212) 03:41:19
  3. Elmari de Wet & Michelle Benson (Team PPS) 03:50:45

Open Men’s

  1. Barend Burger & Stephan Reyneke (Team Protouch-Demacon) 03:04:51
  2. Brandon Downes & Kai Pritzen (Team Karan Beef) 03:04:52
  3. David Humphris & Warren McKay (Team Ninja Goats) 03:05:31.